Race Based Hostility And Bias

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Who Polices The Police?
“I can’t breathe,” imagine having to hear your father, son, or brother desperately gasp for air while murmuring those words, “I can’t breathe.” It’s heart wrenching, but now visualize him being viscously choked from behind by a police officer. The predicament is startling and unseen. Your loved one has surrendered but the officer has no intention of relinquishing his grip, restricting the airway, making it incredibly difficult to breathe. Suddenly, the police officer forces your loved one’s motionless body to the ground, proceeding by mashing his face into the pavement. Slowly loosing conscious, he lifelessly lays on the Staten Island concrete. Nobody performs CPR, not even the ambulance upon their arrival. Your loved one is pronounced dead at the hospital, and the officer who stole his life walks a free man.
Race-based hostility and bias is a major national issue affecting our democracy, and racial hostility between minorities and the police is a significant societal problem (Police Traffic Stops and Racial Profiling: Resolving Management, Labor, and Civil Rights Conflicts). These encounters are becoming far too frequent. Eric Gardner is amongst one of the countless African Americans who have been racially profiled and murdered by law enforcement. Allegations of excessive force by police departments across the country continue to populate headlines more than twenty years after the 1992 Rodney King incident (The Painful Legacy of Rodney King).
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