Race, Capital Punishment, And The Cost Of Murder

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This essay will critique “Race, Capital Punishment, and the Cost of Murder” by M. Cholbi. The critique will discuss and point out some unnecessary concepts and flaws in the author’s argument along with logical fallacies. The author appeals for a moratorium among capital punishment due to racial disparities. This essay will analyze the author’s paper on the subject of race and capital punishment. The subject of capital punishment is controversial, as some citizens believe capital punishment is unconstitutional.
Cholbi starts the essay by discussing racial discrimination in the court of law and how some forms of discrimination are present before the defendant enters the courtroom. The author moves on to explain how discrimination causes individuals to develop expectations of the type of treatment they receive based on race. In addition, how committing a crime costs African Americans more than White Americans. Cholbi’s first point for a moratorium is The Principle of legality and The Principle of Equal Status which states every individual be held responsible for breaking the law and that every individual receive equal treatment among the law. Cholbi moves on to the next point for a moratorium, which is the race of a victim influences the sentence as much as the race of the perpetrator. The essay also states African Americans should enjoy the Principle of Equal Protection. This states all citizens be given equal protection under each law and not protect any race more so than

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