Racial Bias In Law Enforcement

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Thesis: Racial bias is the reason police officers interact differently with whites and people of color and is crucial to address why racism exist throughout America's law enforcement communities to restore trust between police and communities in which they serve.

Problem: People of color are five times more likely than whites to get killed by police officers.

Objective: Gain understanding of issues surrounding racial disparities that exist throughout law enforcement communities; address reasons of discrimination and resolve the issue(s) through implementation of awareness programs and training to foster better relationships between law enforcement and people of color.

Research Question: Will the elimination of racial bias prevent police officers from interacting differently with whites and people of color and ultimately reduce the number of police shootings in America.

Introduction of Race
Police officers kill people of color five times more than whites and researchers studying this issue agree that racism plays a pivotal role in the disparity. The discussion of racism alone will not provide a solution as to why police officers interact differently with whites more so than people of color.

The Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson proclaims the creation of an American "people" and affirms all men have universal rights and are independent from the British government. In reality, some citizens are more equal to the rights and privileges of

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