Racial Discrimination

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The anxious student timidly walks into her school one day. Keeping her head down, she quickly maneuvers around students and tries to avoid drawing attention. The girl and her family are followers of Islam, which makes them Muslim. It was a couple days after September 11th, 2001, the previous terrorist attack still had people shook up. During those couple of days, the girl had drawn a lot of unwanted attention towards herself, just because of what race she is. The problem the girl is going through is racial discrimination, a problem that has been and is currently going on in America since it’s early days. The public has been long divided over issues of race.
Racial discrimination involves treating someone badly and unfavorably because they’re a certain race or have certain personal characteristics. Along with racial discrimination, the subject of harassment pops up every once in awhile. Harassment is illegal when it is so severe that it creates a hostile environment. For example, racial slurs, offensive remarks about race and color, or display of racially offensive symbols.
According to the Pew Research Center, overall, 61% of the American public says that this country needs to continue making changes to racial discrimination, compared to the 35% who say that this country has already made enough changes.
In a survey of 18 middle school students, 82.4% thinks the US are having problems with discrimination. In the same survey, the question, “Do you think the US should be

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