Racial Discrimination In Education

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The Cold War in the 1950s established a conservative climate in the country and American society started to boost. It started with the African American civil rights movement, which was followed by many other social revolutions. Prior to these events, African American struggled to get recognition for their achievements and equality in education throughout the country. For instance, the Progressive Education Movement was committed and supported interracial harmony which was supposed to reject educational segregation. However, despite of its avowed commitment, schools remained mainly white. Reason why the school’s system was still operating under segregation ideals was because Progressive schools were simply not willing to challenge wealthy white parents who wanted their children to be educated in with the appropriate “social contacts” (Selig), which would eventually help their children to “marry favorably” (Selig). Wealthy white families were the cause of resistance against enrollment of black and other minority classmates in privileged white schools. Classroom instruction was implementing more cultural teachings on different minority groups, however, the student body was predominantly white, and were not accepting minority students. Teaching minimal aspects of minority cultures was only showing the differences between them, what was needed was to include minority students in the classroom so that every student would assimilate appropriately to become one American people. If

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