Racial Discrimination Is A Big Social Issue Today

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Racial discrimination is a big social issue today, especially with the president elect, Donald Trump in office. According to Timothy Mcgettigan in the article, “Donald Trump and White Racism” declares, “ the 2016 presidential election has become a national referendum on racism ” . Throughout his campaign, he has made it clear, his disgust towards immigrants, Hispanic communities and minorities. Trump has stereotyped hispanics by using food stamps, crime, unpaid taxes and living songerly. It has brought people together in protest and discrimination. Racism takes on and blinds the history and roots that occurred in the past. People of color deserve respect and should not face discriminatory treatment. Influenced by the nation 's leader, …show more content…

The Freedom of Equality states, “... African-Americans continue to suffer discrimination because of the historic consequences of their skin color, … been enslaved and then only partially freed.” to demonstrate the still existence of discrimination to minorities after past slavery events. “It took years of bitter and divisive struggles to change this kind of broad discrimination … blood was spilled, it was shocking to observe the degree of racial prejudice among people” (Carter). The saddest part of it all is, history repeats.

When has, anyone heard someone give an uplifting comment to a Hispanic. On the news, we see the crimes and skin color to determine all the ethnic group’s actions and are accused of taking jobs that they themselves do not want. The most common jobs for a “Mexican” are landscaping and working in the fields, it has never been anyone’s dream job yet. In addition it can lead to economic effects. Hispanics are overworked and underpaid, which gives goods at a cheaper cost. Without those latinos, goods would increase. Latinos are not all Mexican, but people assume they are. Chicanos make up most of the population. Can you imagine no diversity in the U.S.? It will leave a lot of empty space. They are placed in the same category as ignorance and not American. As we see stereotypes we see that people use them to believe that Mexicans are drug dealers and are on food stamps. What is most heard is the typical “Go back to your country” expression.

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