Racial Discrimination : The Blacker The Berry

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Racial Discrimination is dreadful. It’s a social conflict against those who are a slightly different based on appearance. It has indeed become a well-known issue, which has created problems throughout the world. This issue is so distributing that it has incredibility-impacted society, especially influenced artists to incorporate the current issue into their songs. For instance, artists like Kendrick Lamar have expressed the issue of racial discrimination. In his song “The Blacker the Berry” from his album To pimp a butterfly (2015), he speaks about the racism and stereotypes from his own experiences. The song is about the frustration with how African Americans are treated due to the racism. This hip-pop song enhances the message through the use of Lamar personal life experiences as well his way of rapping with the intense beats. This demonstrates the seriousness of his message he wants the listener to grasp. Bob Marley has a song dealing with racial discrimination called “War” from the album Rastaman Vibration (1976). The song heavily emphasis the overall issue that has to with racism and achieving peace in society. Bob Marley mainly focuses on the lyrical power that is expressed through melodic in “War”. These songs were initially made for the purpose to inform the listeners of their lifestyle through racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is a huge issue, which causes serious damage to the victims.
Issue Discussion Racial discrimination continues to be a serious
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