Racial Stereotype in the Movie The Green Mile

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Racial stereotypes have always invaded films, from the earliest silent film, to the most modern film production. Stereotypes in early America had significant influence over how other viewed African Americans, Latinos, Asians etc. The most stereotyped race in history is the black male. In most early films, they were portrayed as simple minded and careless individuals, but when African Americans started to stand up for themselves films portrayed them as more savage and bloodthirsty. In the 1999 film The Green Mile directed by Frank Darabont, Michael Clarke Duncan is portrayed as John Coffey a giant simple minded black man in 1934 who is accused of raping and killing two white girls. This is a stereotype that has been used in films about…show more content…
“the black culture emerged from the ragged edges of a European society. This was the real necessity that was historically constructed by the white supremacist to bring us down. We learned to live and deal with whatever came our way. The ragged edges of not being able to eat, having a place to live, or health care developed our culture into what it is today.” (Kruger and Mariani, pp 93). Blacks, along with other people of color, have always been always been oppressed for how they looked. If one goes back in history, they will find that the Native Americans who first inhabited this land were also subjected to oppression, genocide, rape, killing etc. It was a five hundred year struggle that decimated a cultures to the point where they are almost extinct. One would think that with the changing of eras actions like this would stop, but they do not. The genocide of Native Americans is still on going. On Pine Ridge reservation, in South Dakota, the murder rate is seventy percent higher than the national average. This is easily one of the most dangerous places in America today. The treatment of John Coffey can be likened to that of the Native Americans. Both Native Americans and African Americans make up a majority of the national prison system. In northern states like South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming, Native Americans were treated just like the African Americans were in the south. They are beat, lynched and killed. Some of these activities still take place. Like African

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