Racial Violence of the Fannie Taylor Incident in Rosewood, Florida

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Have you come across racial violence? Did you get treated a different way because the color of your skin? In 1923 Rosewood, Florida suffered many racial historic events of a white color mob attacking the black community. Rosewood massacre led to 8 people killed (2 whites, 6 blacks) and about 40-150 African Americans wounded survivors after the tragic event. So how did the attack on African Americans in Rosewood started? A woman by the name Fannie Taylor who was beaten and attacked in her home by her white secret lover puts the blame on a color male. According to Lee Ruth Bradley Davis who father was a victim in the week’s events, grandmother Sarah Carrier and cousin Philomena Carrier who worked for Fannie Taylor all claim it was a white man who visited Fannie home that day. Lee Davis explained “That morning Sarah and Fannie as usual walked from Rosewood and arrived the same time that the white man entered the Taylors house.” (Rosewood Report, 1993, pg12) “The white visitor remained a while, reemerged, and left sometime before twelve o’clock. It is known if James Taylor came home for breakfast, but about noon he returned home and his wife told him a black man had assaulted her.”(Rosewood Report, 1993, pg12) The black community believed the person who abused her was her white lover. According to the Rosewood events in John Singleton’s film Rosewood, Rosewood was a black populated town and Sumner next door were for whites. A man by the name John Wright was the only white

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