Rr Right Place, Wrong Face

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Right Place, Wrong Face

“Right Place, Wrong Face” by Alton Fitzgerald White is an illustration of the racial prejudices that causes innocent citizens to suffer. This narrative describes the injustice a black man has to suffer when he is victimized because of his racial background and dermal color. His unjust arrest and police’s ignorance towards his civil rights leaves him questioning the ethics, morals, and principles his parents had taught him while he was growing up. His encounter with the dark side of society changes his perception of life.
White uses a chronological structure to keep the reader engaged with the text throughout the narration. He establishes his story by introducing his morals and his beliefs that “if I worked hard, …show more content…

The very last line when police tells him that he was at the “wrong place,” to which White replies by saying, ”that’s where I live,” is a very powerful line as it highlights the point that it was his face that was wrong, the racist point of view that was wrong.
When I link this story to my life, I can instantly think of a devastating event that occurred a decade ago. I haven’t experienced anything racist personally, but I know the people of my

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