Racial Worldview And Its Impact On Our Understanding Of The World

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The idea of race has not been emphasized until our modern time. The term came to common use in the 18th century. Despite multiple technical definitions, they all aim to categorize humans by the physical traits. In the United States for example, a race is a group of people who have common relationship with each other like, colour of skin, hair and texture. Looking at the popular beliefs, social policies and practices in America regarding race between 18th to 20th centuries reveals the emergence and development of racial worldview about human differences. Furthermore racial worldview affects our understanding of the world and it have negative consequences that it may lead to in daily life, a racial worldview is inherently divisive rather than uniting and gives rise to animosity, racial segregation, class domination and discrimination.

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Worldview is a person 's or a group 's encompasses values, goals, concepts of the future, definitions of truth, etc. Naturally, you can see how differing world views have caused much conflict historically. And one of these historical conflicts is racial worldview or effects of it in our universal point of view. Every person has their own point of view they can figure it by their own knowledge that they have or they obtained their opinions are different and their understanding levels are different. As the author says that the modern ages have been defined by the racial worldview. First of all we should observe that

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