Racism : A Form Of Systemic Racism

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Danaiyt Girmay
Professor Rajski
English 2
22 January 2017 Racism For generation racism has been an issue; it is based in the belief that human beings are superior or inferior to others because of race and or skin tone they were born into. Historical atrocities such as slavery and genocides have occurred because of this belief. Slavery was a form of systemic racism caused by the belief that darker skinned people of a foreign country could be bought, sold, and forced to work without compensation. Discrimination based on race was a problem before the Americans, but it became more prominent and more systemic once it reached out here. Now laws were put in place to keep African slaves from 'getting out of line '. They
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Bob is a shipyard worker who is brilliant and guileless in his position as Lederman at atlas. His only ambition is to be successful in his job and have respect of the white men who are above him. It would be better for Bob if he did not understand the barrier in his path, but instead he is tortuously aware of what he must do, how he must act, and who he must serve to maintain his position at the shipyard, Atlas. The reason he has to do all of this to maintain his position is because he would have some types of power over the white people. Bob hated the idea of worshiping white people. For instance, being respectful to whites even when they do not respect others back, letting white people go first, and repeatedly being refused service in white organizations. Bob wanted the white 's to respect him and treat him as a human being not someone to be look down onto. Early in the novel, Bob says, "All I wanted for the whites folks to let me alone; not say anything to me; not even look at me. They could take the goddamned world and go to hell with it" (4). These racial actions occur many times a day increasing Bob 's anger and frustration. They are interfering with every step he takes in his life. Whatever he does or wherever he goes they always gets in the way of him being a free man. However, the only way Bob wants to solve these problems is by being violent. Bob wants someone to feel what he is feeling. Throughout the book, he 's powerless and
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