Racism : A World Without Racism

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Have you ever imagined what a perfect world is? If you ask from people, they would say

something like “A world without conflicts or arguments’ and some people might say ‘’ A world

where there is no crime and pollution” however nobody says ‘’ A world without racism “. In the

United States many Americans do not face racism. However, for many African Americans it is

something they have to go through everyday. Immigrants who comes to USA from Africa will

face difficulties in United States. People simply call them African Americans. However, African

American communities won’t accept them as African Americans. I think those people came

from Africa never thought themselves as Blacks because it’s a common thing in there.

Americans say that everybody is equal in the United States. However, they are the ones who

are racist against many other cultures. Not only Americans racist but other cultures as well. In

the United States racism is everywhere. For example: Spanish against Latinos, Ukrainian against

Russians and Muslims against Jews. In our Society many people think that racism doesn’t exist

anymore. They believe that there is no more racism in our society however if you watch news,

read newspaper or go to social media websites you could notice that racism is everywhere.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel Americanah is one of the greatest novels that catches.

Reader’s attention quickly. Americanah is a critique of race and racism in United States, England

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