Racism And Severe Anxiety Of Black Americans Essay

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“Niggerezation is neither simply the Dishonoring and devaluing of black people nor solely the economic exploitation and political disenfranchisement of them” is said by Cornel West in Niggerezation where he utterly explains how It takes steps into niggerization. It is a waiting process, not made simply over-night.
Individuals have a full range of emotions and life experiences. Black America is strong although “Black America” is more of a symbol and an idea than it is a place or a fact. Black Americans are not a standing stone, or a hive mind. They are individuals who have a shared experience of racialization in a society formed around both maintaining and protecting white privilege and white supremacy. Black America feels and worries about the victims of police thuggery and violence not because of racial tribalism
The sum effect of the continual violence against black Americans by the United States’ police, the efforts to blame the country’s first black president. The connection between racism and severe anxiety stresses the negative impact that discrimination has on society. Ultimately, racial battle is manifest by the diminished life spans by increasing suicide rates among black children and other indices of the toll that day-to-day life in a racist society takes on the emotional, physical and financial health of black and brown Americans.
The obstacle of human experience and consciousness that separates one person from another is extended by the color line. Has anyone
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