Racism And Standup Comedy As A Form Of Comedy

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To some people, comedy is a form of entertainment full of funny stories and events that can make them laugh. People from different races, countries, religions, and ages may attend different types of comedic events. Some people like standup comedy which is a comic performing in front of an audience. This style of comedy is a way for the comic and audience to interact with each other and have a good time. However, in some cases instead of the audience having an enjoyable time, some audience members may get offended or angry at some specific jokes. This happens when the comic says an inappropriate one-liner about sensitive issues which may be about race, gender, religion, or a political party. Comedy shouldn’t ridicule a person or group of people’s race, religion, or political party, because it might spread lies, generalizations, and hate about the person or group of people. Talking about race in comedy can be a delicate subject, especially if the comic is joking about races other than his own. Comics can say things about race that can be mocking about that race, even if the person did not know it was. That is why the topic of race should be left out of comedy, so in the future a joke won’t offend some audience members of that race. A classic example that shouldn’t be said in comedy is the N-word. This word is a well known derogatory racial slur toward African Americans. If a comic says that in a joke, some African Americans in the audience will get offended. Another reason

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