Racism In The Media And Social Media

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Television, music, social media, film, etc. are all informational tools used by people around the globe daily. They are sources that keep people up to date about things that are going on in the world. Music and television are two vital elements in society, in dealing with pop culture. Today, we see in the media that the issue of race always seems to surface. Racism has been an issue for decades, and it probably will never go away. Music today, expressed by various artists, express how African Americans and other minorities are discriminated against. Every day on television, we see that someone of a minority group has been beaten or killed, or have been verbally bashed by someone of a higher social status. Both television and music are used as a cry out for help, begging for a change in our nation. Included in her album Lemonade, Beyoncé has a song entitled, “Freedom”, which explains how African American women have overcome so many obstacles in the past, only to still face discrepancies in society today. Going all the way back to slavery, Beyoncé still compares that time frame to the times we are living in now. Not with physical beatings, but with mental and emotional trauma that women experience today have held us in a place of bondage. She also alludes to the “Black Lives Matter” movement in her song to bring awareness to the issue of police brutality. Kendrick Lamar is featured in this song, in his verse shedding light on
“institutionalized racism”. This meaning a

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