Racism Is Still Alive Today

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Avery Matney
Mr. Berkoben
English IV
13 November 2015
Racism in Oklahoma Everyone is different. No matter what you look like, where you came from, or how you grew up. Race does not define a person. Racism issues have appeared throughout many different generations. In Oklahoma, there are factors of events proving that racism is still alive today. Racism is any negative thought or action toward members of a racial minority or any manifestation of racial inequality. There are different types of racism: Individual racism, Institutional racism, and Cultural racism. This essay will analyze racism and certain component parts: causes, effects, & prevention. There are various examples of causes coming from racism. Fraternity members at the University of Oklahoma learned a racist chant which was caught on camera and posted online. It was not something that was a part of the tradition. “Do I think these young men are racist in their heart? Do I think they’re proud of what they did? No.” said Boren. (Bidwell). 25 students have received discipline from this video coming out. Also kids from school districts have experienced racist remarks and bullying. Kids are getting bullied for all types of reasons and racism is one of them. People think that remarks about your cultural or ethnicity are not a huge problem. Racist slurs can sometimes be taken lightly. Two stories were shared from students who attended schools in the Oklahoma area. “Holemant said for 2 years she has tried

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