Racism: The Issue Of Discrimination In The 21st Century

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Hate to Discriminate

The color of your skin, the culture you’re in or the language you speak does not define one’s trait. Although the environment is a big influence on someone’s way of thinking, it doesn’t mean that everyone in that same environment will act the same. When people think that way, they are stereotyping. Racism is a big issue that still exist in the word today. Also, it’s a bad influence on the younger generation because it can influence them into thinking that one race is more superior than the other. Racism is so strong and influential that it lead to infamous historical events such as the Holocaust, Slavery in America, and the Japanese Internment, and therefore it is why the world today still experiences discrimination. …show more content…

Negatively stereotyping someone does not only affect that person but it can make his or her whole ethnicity look bad. Certain ethnicities are given labels and precautions for being criminals. People in some states are being stopped or pulled over under suspicion of a crime which is going against their privacy. Statistics shows that “an overwhelming 84 percent of the stops in the first three quarters of 2009 were of black or Hispanic New Yorkers” (Herbert 7 par). Law enforcers are abusing their power. They are also making themselves look bad by seeming ignorant and cruel.
Common stereotypes today are very ridiculous and sometimes discouraging. It can limit someone’s abilities in the eyes of society and mess with someone’s psychological thinking, causing them to think that they are not good enough. One common stereotype is that Caucasian people can’t dance or rap. Another common stereotype is that African American people are the best at rapping and dancing. Famous Caucasian rapper Eminem proved that common stereotype wrong because “he has been listed and ranked as one of the greatest artists of all time by …show more content…

Racism and discrimination is never acceptable, but besides all the negativity, it still has some positive outcomes. The only good thing that can come out of this issue is that it brings great people together. It motivates people to get together and make efforts to try abolish racism. People who protests about equality and people who promotes acceptance and love.
Sometimes, stereotypes are made into jokes and people don’t take it as seriously but when it comes to jobs, it is taken more seriously because jobs now a days are very competitive. There are some people who are denied for jobs because of his or her ethnicity. Discrimination does not improve society in any way and it’s pointless. Discrimination is causing wars and it’s dividing the people. People today think that stereotyping is how you define people. Society is brainwashed with ridiculous beliefs and stereotypes. It’s not someone’s looks, gender or race that defines someone as a person. It is only to determine their identity and does not have anything to do with a person’s state of mind. Although factors such as environment, social influences and culture can affect someone’s personality, it doesn’t mean that all stereotypes apply to

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