Racism's Role In The Holocaust

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The Nazi Germany theoretically believed that those, whom were considered as Aryan, were ultimately the superior race. In result of this, the Nazi army feared the reproduction of other races and set out to ethnically cleanse Germany and the rest of Europe as well (Museum, Racism: An Overview, 2016). While racism played a drastic role in the Holocaust, ethnic supremacy along with religion also played as a factor in the genocide.

Victims of the Nazi army were forced from their homes and transported by train to concentration camps. A well-known concentration camp by the name of Auschwitz became the extermination center to over one million Jewish citizens. Victims experienced a magnitude of horrors inside the walls of Auschwitz. Every single day, Jewish prisoners faced a grisly life, having to …show more content…

Innumerable amounts of so-called Jewish survivors were found completely devitalized. By the time of the discovery, Jewish prisoners of the Nazi army were so deteriorated that once help arrived, many of the victims were unable to be saved. The Jews suffered living amongst the filth of the decomposing bodies of their friends or loved ones, along with the devastating effects of starvation. The repercussions of their torture left many of the victims unable to digest food or recuperate back sustainable health (Williams, 1993). The aftermath of the Holocaust proved to be just as difficult for the survivors to overcome. An immeasurable amount of remaining Jews wound up homeless and in poverty (Timeline of Events, January). Other victims that sought refuge in America were suggested by their family members that they should relinquish their religious practices abandon their Jewish identity (Williams, 1993). The impact the Holocaust had on Jews made the majority of them suffer physiological fears that such corruption could occur

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