Radio Boy Monologue

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Radio Rebel,
Of Bullies and Men

It all started in 1st grade at recess. The bell rang and Stacy and I both ran to the swings. We both got on and swung as high as we could. I looked over and saw Gavin.
He then shouted “It’s my turn.” I didn’t want to get off and I also just barely got on.
“Um, I don’t really want to get off”, I said politely, but Gavin was not happy with me. He started walking towards me and grabbed the chain. I started to slow down and he shoved me off the swing. I fell forward and face planted on the sand. My beanie came flying off and Gavin caught it.
He then yelled “Hey look, it’s beanie boy!” More kids started to crowd around me and laugh. I got up and looked back to see if Stacy was still there but she was gone. I …show more content…

The next day was morp. I got in my dress and went all by myself. When I walked in, people were dancing and the music was up very loud. It went silent and a person on stage grabbed the microphone and announced “Is everyone having fun?” Everyone was shouting and hollering. “Well, it's time to announce who our morp queen is.” Kim started to walk on stage but she than said “Our morp queen is… Radio Rebel!” I sat there not moving. The announcer than said “Radio Rebel, are you out there?” Everyone looked around but Kim got up and said “Maybe the crown should go to the secondary winner.” I had a plan, I went behind a blurry window and grabbed the microphone. “I know you want to know who I am, I am the girl who sits in the back of the class. The person that gets bullied.” I walked out on stage and everyone gasped. The speaker than announced “Well, now that we know who the real radio rebel is, you will now be suspended for causing rudeness on your radio station.” I was about to cry but then a person I couldn’t recognize but seemed familiar stood up and yelled “I’m Radio Rebel!”. Then another person got up and said “No, i’m Radio Rebel”. Then more and more people got up announcing they were Radio Rebel. Then the announcer got off stage. Everyone cheered and I said through the microphone. “Well, all you Radio Rebels this crown belongs to you, but there is one individual who I didn’t quite hear if she was Radio Rebel.” I looked towards Kim who was staring downwards, I walked towards her and she looked up. She than said “I’m Radio Rebel, i’m so Radio Rebel” and I handed her the

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