Radio broadcasting

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  • The Importance Of Co-Presence In Radio Broadcasting

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    Radio broadcasting has become an influence in contemporary times as it is a way of communication to a wider audience. Through radio broadcasting, we are introduced to a variety of components, different music genres, currents events both locally and internationally, competitions, free giveaways and live interactions between presenters and listeners. However, it is the idea of co-presence that is stimulated through these components in which makes radio broadcasting exciting to listen to and engage

  • Radio and Television Broadcasting in Canada

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    1 The 1920s was an exciting time for broadcasting technology in the west; the possibilities of all that this era had to offer were infinite and with it came much needed regulatory policies. Radio and television broadcasting were at their infancy and no one knew how big this idea of instant, national connection would become. Soon after this, it became apparent that Canadians prominently turned their attention to American broadcasting and, in turn, overlooked their own. This piece of information sparked

  • Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Broadcasting Regulatory Policy

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    Policy Problem The recent Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications (CRTC) (2013c) 'Broadcasting Regulatory Policy on the Distribution of Canadian Category C national news speciality services' marks a new regulatory approach to distributing competitive news and sports programming in Canada. This policy is a response to Canadians' concerns over consumer choice due to program bundling and an inability to select news and sports programs on a stand-alone basis (CRTC, 2013c; CRTC, 2014). Based

  • Propaganda and Radio Broadcasting In Nazi Germany Essay

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    widespread use of propaganda and radio broadcasting were instrumental to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party. On March 13, 1933, Adolf Hitler founded the Reich Ministry of

  • Mass Hysteria of the War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast

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    V-shaped with saliva dripping from its rimless lips that seem to quiver and pulsate"(Eidenmuller). During the golden age of radio, many people tuned their radios to the Sunday night Halloween eve radiobroadcast of Orson Welles’ adaptation of the War of the Worlds. As the sun was setting and the moon

  • The First Army's Mobile Station Happened While Mark W. Clark

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    Italy. Clark thought so much of the morale value of radio stations that he wanted an AFN station near the front lines in order to reach large numbers of combat soldiers. A signal officer told him that it would be impossible, because much of the equipment required for radio broadcasts was too fragile for rapid movement in a combat zone, but Clark was insistent. Being the first overseas radio station to be activated during WWII, the Fifth Army radio station was activated in Casablanca, Morocco, and

  • The Effects Of Hispanic Radio On American Society

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    Introduction In its most basic form, the radio has always played an inherent role in the development of societies around the world. Before the mobile first generation, and even the television, the radio was the device that families would allow into their home and embrace as a connection to the outside world. With no exception to this rule, Hispanic radio has shaped the growing minorities ' role in American society ever since its boom. Hispanic radio has been the unifying force between Latino communities

  • The Media Of Fm Radio

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    the reception of FM radio. Opponents on both sides have stated their cases. There are those who view it as obsolete technology and others who see it as a necessity in an emergency. In dire situations this could be the only means of relaying important information to the masses. Until another reliable means is developed, FM radio should be available for all. Since its inception, radio has gone through many changes. In its infancy it was the only true form of electronic media. Radios became a requirement

  • Sexual Harassment Reflection

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    also helped with people being able to listen to podcast similar to this one. I think the web will forever be there so that people can stream their favorite radio stations, podcast, or anything else they want to listen to and cannot be in the area at the time. Chapter 13 was another article that relates closely to the idea of this podcast and radio streaming. It starts by talking about high quality audio. This plays out in the podcast, because I was streaming it on my computer and the audio quality

  • Personal Narrative: Edinboro Elementary School

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    Jamming to the radio was a blast, but what kind of influence was a song like that on my brother? What kind of influence was I to allow him to listen to that? A nine year singing about strippers and “big booties,” the same young child with an innocent picture hanging on the wall of his elementary school. Why was a song like that playing on a public radio station that a countless number of kids have access to each day? This type of music is not abnormal to hear on the radio, or to stumble across