Rador Struggles

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It is sometimes difficult to detect if a student is struggling to read. Some students can fly under the rador because it is that hard to notice. As the text said students at times are not identifted until as late at the 4th grade. As the work gets harder, the student will start to show the struggles in the classroom. But it is those students that fly under the rador who will struggle significantly to catch up and get back on their reading grade level.
There are no specific set of charaterisitcs that helps identify students who are struggling. They can all look differently, it can be seen emotionally or physically. For example, the case of Robert in the reading, who had physical reactions when it came time to read. From a counseling perspective, …show more content…

I think a teacher and even counselor can benefit from knowing the student in question really well. Along with their history in prior classes, was this an issue with the last teacher? did the student enjoy reading at any point before? Was the students always a good reader but now the material is harded? Do they have a new IEP? Are they not challenge and bored? These are all questions to think about with reluctant learners. I am working with a student now in my counseling internship along with mu supervisor who is the school counselor. The student was in gifted last year, in 4th grade, but now is refusing to do any work. He can definently do the work but does not want too. We discovered he does not like working in groups with other students but in this 5th grade class a great amount of group work takes place. Teachers can use several interventions to help with relucant students such as picking interesting topics, allowing the student to make suggestions about what they want to read, and exploring motivation. Once students can recieve something they want, maybe a prize or a homework pass, they will be motivate to complete task they do not want to. The text also speaks about making more complex reading avaliable so they reader will be challenged, if the work being to easy was the issue. It may or may not be effective depending on the type of

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