Raising Stores For Volunteer Funds

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Charity shops were once associated with small Creations that were run by volunteers, dealt with second hand goods, remained in the store for a few hours a day and serviced lower income sections of the society. The charity commission defines a charity shop as “a shop which sells donated goods where the income is used for a charitable purpose” (Lekhanya, 2006, p. 6) The essential aim of the charity shop is to raise stores for volunteer funds. The essential working of these shops helps in improvement of group life in different ways. Such shops stock second hand clothes and family products that are given by individuals who do not have any further requirement for them. They are normally staffed by unpaid volunteers from the neighbourhood group…show more content…
(Anon., 2009, p. 3). Their main objective is to do a research finding that will help them one day to cure the EB; this makes Debra the largest and worldwide network of nations for donations to EB. Debra marketing skills are usually lead at the head office where they arrange fund raising events , help with sponsorship, have some tea gatherings, golf or any sport event to get money from the donors , as well as run many selling shops selling donated items to protect the families from EB.The Charity shop at Hatfield does not include any fund raising events, people usually recognize the shop by word of mouth, or families who have been suffering from this disease and can even communicate through their website, Facebook ,Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. ‘Related marketing not only offers a core marketing strategy for the future, but can also demonstrated business and indeed marketing at its best. It provides marketing with the opportunity to achieve its best in business objectives whilst at the same time benefiting a charity or good cause and making a positive impact on the society.’ (Baker, 2003, p. 693) . According to Alexander, he states that ‘Planning is a process of human thought and action based upon that thought.’ (Alexander, 1992, p. 69). Planning is everything as a result of it focuses your mind on what you wish to attain and why. The market of the charitable organisation differs from marketing of profit organizations. In the profitable organization,
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