Ramada Demonstrates Its Personal Best

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Written Assignments: CS1_Ramada Demonstrates Its Personal Best
Description: Read the Ramada Demonstrates Its Personal Best case study and answer the three discussion questions.

Instructions: Write your responses to the discussion questions in a Word document and upload it for grading.

1 Build the management-research question hierarchy for Ramada.

Ramada’s Management-Research Question Hierarchy

Clarifying the Research Question

Discover the Management Dilemma
Trends show that customer satisfaction is decreasing in the hospitality industry.

Define the Management Question
What can RFS do to ensure its customer service rating does not decline?

Define the Research Question(s)
What are the factors contribute towards customer
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- American Hotel and Motel Educational Institute to learn what other companies were doing correctly to identify and hire the right people. - Unifocus to conduct in-depth guest surveys at every property as the Personal Best program roll out. - D. K. Shifflet –continued to subscribe to its syndicated research on customer satisfaction.

RFS also used internal research suppliers in that it sent twenty-four researches spanned out to visit management and employees from each of its 900 sites within a six-month period. The information collection team recorded all input and a detailed summary form was generated for each property. With all the information gathered from the internal and external research suppliers, RFS determined to implement the Personal Best program

e What sampling methodology was used? Why was this appropriate for this study? Answer: The probability sampling methodology was used in this case study. This type of sampling methodology was appropriate because RFS management dilemma was specific to the hospitality industry. Target audience of the research being conducted was specifically from Ramada hotel locations. The companies being research on how they were correctly identifying and hiring the right people were companies within the

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