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Personal Food Diary Guidelines
The purpose of this assignment is to increase self-awareness of the student by analyzing personal nutritional intake and activity routine throughout the course. In turn, the student will be able to help others modify their diet and activity, and improve overall wellness. An examination of a personal food and activity assessment will provide the student with essential data from which to change their health and wellness behaviors.
Course Outcomes
This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:
CO #1 Assess whether nutritional intake provides basic nutrients for optimal health and wellness. (PO #1, PO #2)
CO #2 Describe nutritional needs for optimal health and wellness …show more content…

4. Discuss how family history, personal health history, exercise habits, and nutritional choices affect your personal nutrition and activity habits. 5. Develop two (2) short-term and two (2) long-term goals (SMART Goals) for improving or maintaining your diet, and activity level. 6. Identify the two most important items that you learned about yourself and your health? 7. Upload your “Concept map” to the Dropbox by the due date provided on the course calendar.

PREPARING THE CONCEPT MAP 1. Use the document labeled “Concept Map” located in the Assignments page of Unit 7. a. Open the document. b. Click on “Edit Page.” c. Fill out the boxes within the “Concept Map” utilizing the information analyzed from the discussions in Units 1, 3, 5, & 7. 2. As you fill in the information on the document, you will see patterns with your nutrition and exercise. Some good and bad patterns will emerge in your analysis allowing you to identify how to improve your lifestyle nutritional practices and exercise habits. 3. Place the document you have saved in the Dropbox for the RUA in Unit 7.

Directions and Assignment Criteria Assignment Criteria | Points | % | Description | Analysis of current diet& activity | 20 | 20% | • Does not just state the facts (i.e., “I didn’t take in enough Vitamin C.”), but includes the implications of the deficit/excess. Includes citations for sources

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