Rap And Hip Hop Music

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Rap and hip-hop music have evolved politically over the last decade; these genres have become major forces and influential political factors for North American youth and young adults. For example, Nas, a popular rap star of politically motivated songs sold 1 million copies of his first album Illmatic by Dec. 2001, and by 2004 Nas released his 7th platinum album Street Disciple. The album Street Disciple contained a powerful political song titled “American Way”. In addition, Lakeyta M Bonnet’s book Pulse of the People: Political Rap Music and Black Politics, expresses the way hip hop music acts as a catalyst for the involvement of urban minorities in politics. While “Paint the White House Black” an academic journal by Richmond, Sanford K. displays the present day relationship the current president in America has with hip hop music. The song “American Way”, along with the book Pulse of the People, and the Academic Journal “Paint the White House Black” elaborate on how hip hop music and politics were born with conflict, but are evolving toward better recognition of hip-hop culture in democracy.
In America freedom of speech is a right and various artists use this to their advantage in order to impact political thought. Many Artists, like Nas, relate to a subordinate class of American society because he was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. In the song “American Way” he refers to himself as the “spokesperson for Black Men” (Nas l. 8) demonstrating how there is an entire

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