Rap Music And Its Effect On Society

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As a whole, “Rap music” is a misrepresentation of black culture. Rap teaches youth that violence, demeaning women and participating in criminal activity are acceptable in today’s society. Despite the rap artists’ that do use self-expression as a means of changing the way listeners view society, rap music contradicts the good that it can create. Rap is proven detrimental toward society, despite the political views most believe it provides. Simply stated, raps contradictive nature makes it impossible for it to be used as a vehicle of progressive change. As a result of Rap music’s misogyny towards women, women are depicted in a negative way which keeps society bias toward women’s equality. Through Rap music, youth are taught that the social norm is to objectify women and to depict them as manipulative. Next, raps glorification of the criminal lifestyle influences youth to practice unlawful behavior. Rap stereotypes African Americans in a negative light by influencing listeners to sell drugs, steal, and participate in gang activity in order to obtain fast wealth. Moreover, this paper will overview three topics that have influenced society including rap misogyny, criminal rap and rap stereotypes.
Rap Against Women
Rebollo-Gil and Moras state that over the years, Rap music has not been pro women. In fact, Rap objectifies women through its lyrical content portraying them as inanimate objects whose opinion hold little value (Rebollo-Gil, Moras 126). Rap’s portrayal of women is a…

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