Rapid Technology Development Inc.

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Introduction & Background Rapid Technology Development Inc. (hereafter referred to as RTD Inc.) is a company that offers prototyping services to its customer base. Each of these prototypes is then brought to the market for testing and certification. Nevertheless, to understand the dynamics of the market, it is critical to first focus on the company’s position in relation to its market. Strengths and Overall Competitiveness RTD Inc. has numerous strengths. First, the company has invested in a technology area where there are limited competitors. This makes it possible to achieve consistent growth prior to market saturation. The market condition is one that has more demand for prototyping services to test recent developments and changes in the technology world. RTD Inc. has been operational for a considerable length of time and thus acquired market confidence. Over the years, RTD has purchased a wide variety of tools and equipment as a positioning strategy in an emerging competitive market. RTD Inc. has also established a wide network of suppliers for different components based on the range of prototypes required by customers. Porters Five Forces Supplier Bargaining Power Prototyping requires a very precise set of materials. In some cases, suppliers of these materials tend to charge premium prices for these components, which in turn lead to higher cost of production for these prototypes. The sensitive nature of prototyping and component testing makes it important to obtain

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