Rapid Urbanization And Violent Conflicts

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1. Introduction There are numerous social, economic, cultural, and political issues that accompany rapid urbanization. Concerns about rapid urbanization and violent conflicts have long been uttered in different respects: mainly this concern have related to the capacity of social orders to adjust to such development, and the likelihood that it may increase urban violence and insecurity. And on the other hand, this has related to concerns that growing political and social demands would inevitably follow the upsurge of masses in urban centres (xxx, xxx). The assumption is that political and social questions that accompany rapid urbanization could exceed the institutional capacity of a state and yield disenchantment of migrants ' expectations…show more content…
Despite these results and the ebb and flow of academic interest for the issue, the potential links between rapid urbanization and violent conflicts still deserve consideration. The prospects that rapid urbanization can add to violence through a multiplicative interactions with different elements have not yet sufficiently examined (xxx, 54). This essay is, therefore, on the links between rapid urbanization and violent conflicts: specifically the essay looks at the factors that interface between rapid urbanization and violent conflicts with the main goal to answer the crucial question: how rapid urbanisation results in violent behaviour? This essay is structured into four parts. In the first part, introduction to this essay has presented. In the second part, the circumstances that translate the occurrence of rapid urbanization into violent conflicts will be explained. In the third part, the arguments and evidences on the link between rapid urbanization and violent conflict will be discussed, and the final part, fourth, will present the conclusion. 2. How rapid urbanization translate into violent conflicts? According to Wayne Cornelius (xxx,xxx), there are three scenarios that would move migrants into violent actions. The first scenario is related to the displacing from rural roots raises economic disappointment among migrants as the quick flood
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