The Immigration Of The United States

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George W. Bush once said, “I’ve seen what immigrant families add to our country. They bring the values that made us a great nation to begin with.” In light of the recent presidential election, more and more attention has been brought to the question of what to do with the influx of illegal immigrants coming from the southern border. Most of America’s undocumented population has traveled a treacherous journey from Latin American countries and through the southern border. Many politicians have proposed a mass deportation of up to eleven million of these workers without thinking of the possible repercussions. Though it seems that illegal immigrants hurt the country from an economic standpoint, they are essential to the success of the American …show more content…

People who are constantly victim to gang-related violence in their own country look outward towards a more peaceful state where they can escape their catastrophic fate. And while it is true that there are some ill intentioned people who also cross the border within the group of those trying to escape attacks at home, most of the immigrants that travel come to the United States with ambitions of creating a safe environment for their families. Another study conducted by the same organization discovered that Hondurans were overwhelmingly cognizant of the security America has instituted in order to keep out the illegal immigrants, the higher rates of expulsion, and the risks of illicitly traveling to the United States (Hiskey et al.). Many people are aware that their migration northward could cause the same fatality that they were seeking to escape. They also Additionally, they know about the possibility of rejection by the United States when they do cross the border, yet they are willing to battle against all odds due to the sliver of hope they see in potentially having bright futures for themselves and their families. Those who have successfully combated the overwhelming odds set against them, should not be ripped of their dream of creating a stable and safe environment for themselves.

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