Rapunzel Thesis

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it all beigns from a drop of sun from the sky, dropped down down to the earth and created a magical flower. Now this women, Gothel, who knew the scecret of the magic flower and keep it for her own to stay young. Whenever she sings, the flower glows and give her youth again. Unfortunately, the Queen of the kingdom got sick, only a magic flower can cure and save her life. The King search for everywhere, and finally, found the beautiful magic plant which Gothel has hidden in a cage. The Queen was healthy again and gave birth to a lovely princess- Rapunzel. When the Queen's daughter Rapunzel is born, her hair receives the healing power from the flower. Gothel, once again, who wanted to stay young, stole the child and dissapeared into the black night sky. The King ordered the kingdom to search…show more content…
On her eighteenth birthday, when Gothel was away, a guest visited her: Flynn Rider- the hunted thieve for stoling the princess' crown. When runing away from the guards, he saw the tower and climb up there for a place to hide. He saw Rapunzel. She was suprised and hit him with the pan. While he fainted, she recognized something bag he was wearing: a crown. It was beautiful. But then she hid it. When he woke up, trapted in ropes, she got a deal with him: she will return him his crown if he will be her guard and take her outside to see the lightsand bring her home safety. After a long negociation, he agreed. He take her out side of the tower and bring her to town. This is the first time she ever sees anything this lively. People in the kingdom was celebrating and commemorate the missing princess: the flags ( of the kingdom), music, drawings, flowers, bread and sweets are everywhere. Everybody looks so happy and they were having fun with eachother. Flynn and Rapunzel joined them, they dance and draw and play for the whole day! Forgot to mentioned, Rapunzel was pretty good at
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