Rational Emotive Behavior Theory ( Psychoanalytic Therapy )

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Rational Emotive Behavior Theory
Briefly describe the article you read by Albert Ellis:
• How is REBT different from psychoanalytic therapy?
• How is REBT different from client-centered therapy?
• How did you like his writing?
• How did the article enhance your understanding of his theory?

This discussion will focus on REBT diverse from psychoanalytic therapy in that REBT utilize rational rearrangement to alter illogical thoughts that cause psychological problems (Wedding and Corsini, 2008). REBT treatment approach assumes that the person’s thought is the primary source of their situations/life within the here and now. Therapy is brief, intending to help individuals unlearn negative perception and unhelpful thoughts/reactions and learn new ways of reacting to the issues. REBT, The person who is suffering from anxiety, also is issue homework (Frew & Spiegler, 2008). He or she write what brings on the anxiety, what he or she was doing when the anxiety started. . Whereas, psychoanalysis emphasizes on guiding the person’s unconscious into the conscious realm to gain greater self-knowledge. REBT differentiates itself as a calming approach, which comprises a broad variation of methods that can utilize with children (Frew & Spiegler, 2008). Therapy is brief, compared to psychoanalysis, where therapy is long term, often over some years, with several sessions each week. REBT does not do an in-depth delving into the person’s background as in psychoanalysis where the therapy, probe

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