Psychoanalytic Theories And Techniques That Can Be Utilized

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In the field of Psychology, there are many theories and techniques that can be utilized. Some counselors might choose to use one or more of these theories and techniques, but some will choose to use only one. After learning about the different theories and techniques, I have chosen the Psychoanalytic Theory as my personal theoretical orientation. The reason I chose Psychoanalysis is because I feel that it best suits me. What seems to be most intriguing to me about Psychoanalysis is that its main focus is on your conscious and unconscious mind. I enjoy using techniques in order to find out what information lies within your conscious and unconscious and for this reason, I feel Psychoanalysis best fits my personality. Psychoanalysis was the first theory that I seemed to show a very big interest in because of the way in which it deals with the conscious and unconscious mind. Our conscious mind is one that contains information, feelings or actions that we are aware of whereas our unconscious mind is one that contains information, feelings or actions that we are not aware of. We may act a certain way or dream about a particular incident, but not have any consciousness as to why this is occurring. I took a very big interest in this because I know for myself that there are things within my unconscious that I am not aware of. Not only do I feel that it pertains to myself, but when I talk to a lot of my friends and they express their feelings or such to me, always in the back on my
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