Rational, Open And Natural System

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Organizations tend to adopt three major theoretical perspectives that form the basis of their systems. The three include the open, rational and the closed systems (Scott, 2003). There is the crucial need to ensure one can understand these perspectives to understand how the organizations operate. The three perspectives are a representation of the scientific development of the organizations.
However, they tend to have a focus on certain organizational aspects making the modern organization system be a blend of the three major perspectives. Based on organizational science that was formulated in the early 20th century there has been an emergence of rational, open and natural system theorists that explain the functioning of the organizations.
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The natural and the rational perspectives ignored the element of the external environment with the assumption that organizations existed as closed systems. On the contrary, the Open systems approach incorporates the aspect of the external factors that have an effect on the organization (Hardy, 1983, p. 341). The open systems perspective depict that organizations exist as a jumbled collection of interrelated systems linked by activities of the participants that are brought together by various institutional environments (Scott, 2003).
It is depicted that modern organizations tend to incorporate the aspects of the open systems with those of the natural and rational perspectives. Examples include the institutional, transaction cost, and the contingency and the contingency theories. Organizations adopt the open system that accommodates the other two theoretical perspectives for it to exist (Davis & Scott, 2006). These organizations tend to have structures that are based on the processes, the products, and the function.
In the analysis for the adoption of the three theoretical perspectives, the Coca-Cola Company shall be used because of its existence as early as the 19th century (Ford, Stephens, & Cooper, 2007). Coca-Cola is the biggest company in the world dealing with the production and marketing of soft beverages. Moreover, it has one

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