Rationale In A Suicide Letter

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In the novel’s society, no one has to feel pain or to be afraid of death, life or problems. John struggles to understand a foreign, and completely repulsive conformist society and its citizens. John can't come to terms with this new world he's encountered, and at a failed attempt to separate himself from it, he committed suicide. In that context, I have chosen to write a suicide letter to show that there is not and won’t be, anyway, a perfect society. Otherwise, how John feels about being considered since his childhood as a stranger, rejected by his surroundings and remaining alone. It was written with a depressed tone and intends to aim a general audience, especially teenagers.
In my suicide letter, a semi-formal first person perspective language was used and contains phrases like “Every time I get home, it's as empty as my soul” and “Sometimes I turn my gaze to my whole life”. The vocabulary I used is not sophisticated but phrases still have a broad meaning behind them, with word choices like “nothingness” or “uncanny”. The purpose of this work is to focus on how people could see suicide, as the highest form of suffering, or the end of that suffering.
I found important to reaffirm John’s frustrating feelings against the World State society, in order to show how determinant can SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS be in the …show more content…

I don’t know where to go, and the truth is that I am so afraid of becoming insane as Hamlet because of the loneliness and the loss of a loved one. I can’t return to the Reservation, I don’t have anything there and I don’t want to see Pope anymore; I can't stay here either, people don’t respect me they act like animals and treat me as such, I really don’t understand anyone, Bernard and Helmholtz the only ones who understood me to some extent, are

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