Ray Bradbury's The Veldt and Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis Essay examples

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Ray Bradbury’s “The Veldt,” and Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” are prime example of how Americans take advantage of the little things in life. In today’s society people do not realize how easy they have it and will never fully understand the meaning of hard work. The children in “The Veldt” are disrespectful towards their family due to their disconnection to reality, and abandonment from their parents. “Metamorphosis” displays how the parents take advantage of their son and all the work he does for them. Both short stories display the lack of respect and abandonment towards their family members whether it’s taking advantage of them or under appreciating them due to being oblivious to their surroundings. Abandonment occurs on two levels in …show more content…

Throughout this story the kids cannot live without this device and turn away from their parents when they try to take it away from them. Technology is supposed to make life easier; however it turns this family into a mess. The kids turn dependent on this room and disrespect their parents when they try to take it away. Wendy and Peter play devil’s advocate against their parent to get whatever they want. This is another way the kid disrespect their parents. George and Lydia agree that the kids need a break from the nursery and their smart house. They suggest the family goes on a vacation to get away from the technology. George suggests the idea to the kids and they immediately complain to Lydia and beg for the nursery. Lydia caves in and allows the kids a few more hours in the room. At this moment the kids know they have the parents in the palm of their hands and stray away from their rules. Wendy and Peter underappreciate everything their parents have given them and take everything for granite. Their thoughts never once think about why their parents got them everything. All they think about are themselves and not others. “Metamorphosis” exhibits the same type of disrespect towards their family members. In this short story, Gregor the main character is the sole provider for his family. Gregor works as a travel salesman and dissatisfied with his job. One day Gregor wakes up in his bed and realizes something is wrong with him. He glances down at his body and

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