Re-Contextualization of Othello for a Contemporary Audience Essay

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Othello is a Shakespearean tragedy involving the schemes and plots of the villainous Iago against the Moor, Othello, and his wife Desdemona. Frantic Assembly’s performance of Othello incorporates the dramatic languages and perspectives of Physical theatre, as well as heightened Realism, to effectively re-contextualize the play for a modern audience. The re-contextualized play is very successful whilst still being true to the original text, combining parts of the Shakespearean script with an array of music, dance and movement resulting in the creation of a unique contemporary physical theatre. The elements of drama, along with conventions of both physical and Elizabethan theatre, were used by Frantic Assembly to create a contemporary play …show more content…

A scene In Othello that clearly utilizes this viewpoint is when Cassio was drunk. When he fell up against the wall, it undulated beneath him and it was if his body was mimicking this movement. Also, when he leaned against the pool table, it rolled away, not giving him any support and conveying to the audience Cassio’s confused and unstable emotions. This is also an example of emotions being expressed through movement. The shape of the actor’s body carries the emotion they are portraying. For instance, in Othello, characters such as Othello and Iago walk very tall and with purpose which conveys to the audience that they are confident, whereas, when Othello is expressing his love to Desdemona, his movement becomes more flowing and gentle. In conjunction with these viewpoints, time is also used to create dramatic meaning for the audience by controlling the tempo and the duration of each movement. Controlling the time taken for a movement to be completed can create various effects depending on the desired mood. In Frantic Assembly’s performance, for instance, the actor’s used fast sharp movements and a high level of energy to capture the frenzied atmosphere of the pub, in contrast to slow movements, like when Iago planted the handkerchief on Cassio, which create tension. This incorporates the viewpoint of movement, including exaggerated movements and gestures, to convey messages and themes to

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