Reaction Paper On Xenophobia

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Xenophobia is one of the major crises that are facing South Africa today. A number of foreign nationals have lost their lives and a countless number of them have been scarred mentally, psychologically and emotionally by xenophobic attacks. Xenophobia is a Greek word that is composed of two words, Xeno meaning foreigners and phobia meaning fear. According to Collins English dictionary (2012), Xenophobia is a fear of foreigners or strangers.
Xenophobia can also be defined as the hatred or fear of the culture, religion or politics of foreigners. We truly believe that there is an undeniable correlation between xenophobia and social justice. It has to be acknowledged by everyone, government and civil society that xenophobia is a social justice issue. Social justice can be defined as the way …show more content…

During the time of xenophobic attacks children of the immigrants lose their school books and uniforms in the wake of the looting of their homes and also lack transport from transit camps to schools over and above the widespread displacement. Furthermore, children who witness xenophobia being perpetrated against their families, face the lifelong impact of psychological trauma. According to Ford, Chapman, Mack, & Pearson (2006), traumatic experiences such as xenophobic conflicts can impact learning, behavior and relationships at school. As a result of these traumas the children of the foreign nationals lose concentration in the classroom leading to their academic failure.
During the xenophobic attacks teaching is disrupted in some schools and some foreign nationals teaching in South Africa fails to report for duty because of the fear of these vicious attacks. Measures that must be taken to prevent xenophobic attack in our

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