Reaction Paper of Sigmund Freud

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Giulia Valeria Cavallari Central Philippine University BS Psychology 1 Reaction Paper on Sigmund Freud works Heroically, Freud dominated the 20 the century. Indeed from his birth in 1856 to his death in 1939, Freud’s contribution to psychology and a host of other areas of human endeavor has been so outstanding and far reaching that it may be very difficult to envision several aspects of popular culture without a Freudian perspective. Moreover, while it has been said that if God did not exist it would have been necessary to invent him, the world in a similar manner would have had to invent Freud had he not existed. Sigmund Freud played an extraordinary role in the broadening and deepening of…show more content…
Unlike the aforementioned psychology, Freud emphasized the influence of the unconscious mind on human behavior. He coined the term psychoanalysis in efforts of understanding human personality from which an entire school of thought emerged.Although his personality theory was a synthesis of prior theorists, it was original in the sense that it was uncommon and more elaborate theory? Also, what would the world be like without him? His endowed theory demonstrated that humans are complicated beings and in so doing postulated a thorough insight. Apart from the unconscious he speculated that the preconscious and conscious are the other divisions of the mind. Unique to his theory was the three levels of personality the id, ego and superego. Since Human beings are driven by needs and instincts their goal is to be made happy where the id acts solely on impulse and is irrational, the ego realistically satisfies the id, and the superego as the template from which the ego harvest what is acceptable to relieve the id. Freud was also known for the psychosexual stages of development: He demonstrated that the adult personality is characterized by the child’s experiences during these stages. However each stage has an erogenous zone from which the highest level of stimulation and pleasure is attained and if either under gratified or over gratified, will lead to a fixation. He theorized that all behavior is motivated by
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