Reading A Young Child 's Life Helps Their Language Development Essay

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Future Research Outline Constant book reading during a young child 's life helps their language development to grow. Also, it consists of many benefits. Researchers believe that parents should read either during the day or right before bedtime with their child before the child can even understand what is being read to them. Shared reading should begin at around eight months, but not as early as four months, which is on average, when the infants begin to sit up on their own (Karrass & Braungart-Rieker, 2005). Previous research has shown that early shared reading can predict higher language scores at 12 and 16 months of age (Karrass & Braungart-Rieker, 2005). Starting to read early around 8 to 9 months can help infants to develop their language abilities and specific vocabulary later on in life. Whitehurst, Falco, Lonigan, Fischel, DeBaryshe, Valdez-Menchaca and Caulfield (1988) expressed that parental reading style is most effective during shared reading. By training parents, teachers and librarians in a specific “dialogue reading”, it showed that the children in the trained adult group did better on language measures than those children who were read to by untrained adults for an equal amount of reading time. Children who are actively engaged during the shared book reading tend to relate what they are reading to their own experiences and by doing this they are continuously improving their language without actually intending to. For example, in the study by Blake, Macdonald,

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