Reading And Reading : The Importance Of Reading

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While I was attending elementary school, reading was a crucial piece of my life. I would read almost anything that caught my interest additionally, reading has taught me many critical thinking skills throughout my life. In my third grade class, I had a teacher who I seemed to disagree with a majority of the time, Mr. Johnson. He was a polite man, intelligent, slim, and had dark curly hair. He would assign each student 20 minutes of reading out of class each day, which was always a straightforward task. Library trips were frequent due to us having to read a certain amount of minutes per week. Then on one infamous day, Our class went on a miniature field trip to the school library. As I walked into the library I noticed a random book on a shelf to my left, the title read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz. While I was inspecting the book, the cover had a spooky scarecrow which mystified me. My best friend Trey, who is shy and extremely lanky, was alongside me at the time stated: “Get it now before someone else takes it.” This book was rarely in the library so I knew this was my only opportunity to read it. I made a break towards the librarian’s desk and nevertheless checked out the book, I started reading it while the rest of the class was still looking for their books for the remainder of the week. The book contained many frightening stories, one of my personal favorites was “Bride”. The story involves a woman on her wedding day, who was playing hide and

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