Reading And Writing : My Most Important Memories Of My Life

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Remembering as a little girl my mother and I used to drive down the road and she would always point out signs so I could visually see them and learn how to spell them too. Passing through our small-town spelling words as simple as R-I-T-E A-I-D to spelling words like J-A-L-A-P-E-N-O-S and her going through my phase of always asking why. Why does the “J” sound like a “H” Mommy? She always said learning how to read and write is going to be your most powerful weapon. My earliest memories about reading and writing were very pleasant for me. In a way I guess, you could even say that some of these experiences were even significate to me. It was the first time in my life that I can truly remember feeling amusing about learning. It was the little things she did. Mom would purchase picture book and check some out in the library as well. She would come into my room to read to me every night; she influenced me through the sound of her voice how strong and soft her words would hit the surface before I went into a deep sleep.
Waking up to a new not promised day is always special. I would jump out of bed say my prayers and every time I got into the car with my Mom it was like an automatic game we would play, pushing the resume button to continue spelling the places, but also to learn my colors, numbers, and directions. We would travel forever in my mind. Mom words were, “getting lost is half the fun.” She made learning fun it was never a dull moment. My Mom is not a dull person she has
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