Reading Anne Frank Diary

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Anne Frank: a young Jewish girl who lived in Europe with big dreams, and an even bigger heart. She had the jaw dropping ability to touch the hearts of millions around the world with her heart wrenching story swirling within the pages of her diary. She wrote down all her feelings in her little red checkered diary with the hopes of living to see it published and red by little children all over the world. Unfortunately, only half of that statement is true. Reading Anne Frank’s diary is a truly mind opening experience, and a plethora can be learned from it. Reading the play and watching the movie has given me some topics to say about her life and experience. Reading Anne’s diary has affected me in quite of bit of ways. It’s like seeing a glimpse into her life, her feelings, how she was treated by her family, and how she interacted with the rest of the people staying at the Annex. She was very creative and bright, and a funny light hearted character. She personally made me want to appreciate the little things in life a lot more, and to appreciate what I have. Because who knows? Someday you could be swept up in a war that has nothing to do with you, except for you religion. I was also stuck with a crushing depressed feeling deep in my chest, knowing this girl who wasn’t much older then me died before she could see her dreams take flight. Imagine what it must be like to constantly be wondering if you will ever have a future.
There are plenty of subjects that can be learned from

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