Reading Comprehension And The Key Pillars Of Reading Instruction

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Reading comprehension is the ability to read the text, process what you just read and then be able to understand what you read well enough to explain it to a fellow peer clearly and precisely. Reading comprehension is a link in the chain that is the five pillars of reading instruction. The first pillar being phonemes, second is phonics, third and fourth is fluency and vocabulary and finally the fifth is comprehension. It’s the caboose of the pillars you might say. While all of the pillars are vital to the ability to read I’ve witnessed many children able to read efficiently and fluently, but not able to explain what they just read. Those children did not suffer from ADHD, and if some of them struggled with comprehension it makes you assume that kids with diagnosed ADHD will most likely have an even harder time. According to Kaprea Johnson, “The ability to read and comprehend is a major milestone in a child’s life and has long standing effects throughout the lifespan” (Johnson, 2013, p. 98). With that being said, the importance of reading comprehension is pretty clear. In the experiment to test whether or not ADHD has any affect on reading comprehension Johnson (2013) included 129 elementary students ranging from third through sixth grade. The students were analyzed through some comprehension tests that measured their ability to read and then understand what it was that they were reading. Then the variables such as hyperactivity, conduct problems and peer problems were

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