Reading For Fun By The Naep ( National Assessment Of Education Progress

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As part of the 2008 trend assessment, the NAEP (National Assessment of Education Progress) states in the nations report card that students at the age of 17 were asked about the frequency at which the read for fun or on their own time, their findings of 17 year olds who reported that they read for fun almost every day decreased 31 percent in 1984 to 20 percent in 2008 (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2008). Based on these statistics, the connection between reading and ‘reading for fun’ has dropped and has not increased in past years. Students lack the motivation to pick up a book and read it. Today’s society is immersed into the digital world including our students. With that being said, as proponents of education in the twenty-first century, teachers need to familiarize themselves with technology as it continues to motivate students in and out of the classroom
Since we established that students are not reading as much as they were before which comes down to a lack of motivation, we need to further delve into what is a motivated student and the concept of motivation as a whole. First, a motivated student will most likely choose a task that is challenging to them, begin a task without being prompted, show serious effort and concentration while completing tasks, have a positive attitude toward learning and school work, will use coping strategies to overcome obstacles, and see tasks through until they are successful. Completely reading book outside of school is a

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