William Brozo And Sutton Flynt Analysis

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For this assignment, I chose the article Motivating Students to Read in the Content Classroom: Six Evidence-Based Principles by William Brozo and Sutton Flynt. This article first talks about how a survey of motivation to read showed a large majority of fourth graders say reading was not their favorite activity and they did not like to read frequently. The authors proposed six ways to get children more involved in reading, starting with elevating their self-efficiency. Students who possess high, school-related self-efficiency outperform their less-engaged peers. Teachers can create conditions for students that are associated with increased perceptions of competence and the student will consequently sustain an effort to be successful. The next point made in this article is to engage interest in new learning. Basically this means to generate interest in new content, making students more likely to put forth necessary efforts to read and learn the new material. “This realization should lead teachers to incorporate a variety of instructional practices that embrace multiple forms of literacy, multiple sources of information, and student choice …show more content…

I feel the information presented in this article is accurate, and cited many experiments/studies to back up information presented within the article. One of the most useful items I found in this article was the last point which is structuring collaboration for motivation. This section of the article was very helpful as it points out how the relationship between the teacher and student is a great factor when increasing motivation. I have seen this first hand with my younger sister, and I completely believe teacher-student relationships are very important, especially when aiming for motivation as the child has to be able to connect with the

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