Reading Instruction Is Difficult And Difficult

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Learning to Read As someone who struggled with reading, the process I went through in regards to my early reading instruction was frustrating and difficult. I was a public schools student from pre-school through second grade. During my years in pre-school and kindergarten, I remember learning the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that accompany each letter. As time progressed and I reached second grade, I began struggling with reading words. Due to my struggle, I was eventually placed with a reading specialist. I would sit with a small group of students who struggled to read as well and we would each work on reading passages. Even with trying to improve my ability to read on a more individual basis, I still struggled. At this point, my parents decided to pull me out of public school and home school me. My mother stayed home and taught me from grade two through seventh using the Calvert curriculum from Baltimore, Maryland. This curriculum focused heavily on phonics. Phonics played a big role in my process to becoming a better reader. Phonics not only helped me with the pronunciation of words, but the comprehension of words as well. Through my close to four-hundred hours of internships in the public school setting and substitute teaching experience, I have worked with a range of children in the elementary setting. The children that I have worked with and continue to work with vary greatly in their ability to read. Some of the students I work with read at
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