Reading, Writing, And Art Experiences Around Picture Books

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The article, “Learning to Read from Picture Books,” reveals how children learn to read and communicate multimodality through reading, writing, and art experiences around picture books. As the article mentions, humans communicate using different modes. For example, some of these modes include communicating linguistically, visually, auditory, gestural, and spatially. In order for children to be able to read, write, and speak, they have to be exposed to many of these modes. Picture books are known to be a type of multimodal text. The article includes a short scenario about a first grader named Allie. She shared what she thought about picture books. Allie made a statement during retelling time. She said that the picture in the book tells her more about a story. She said she was able to see something in the illustration that the written text did not say. For example, she stated that she was able to tell that the Willy was really trying. This is not something that was stated in the text, but she was able to tell by looking at the illustration. However, she also stated that there are times when she didn’t know what the illustrations showed, but it was explained through the text. There are times that the written text doesn’t give a lot of description for young children to be able to picture it in their mind. When there is an illustration to go along with the written text, children get a better idea on what the author is trying to say. The illustrations are essential when telling the
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