Real Life In The Hunger Games By Chris Mccandless

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Why would one want to escape from an everyday routine life, to an unconventional lifestyle? People all over experience struggles that make them want to surrender in life. Many people ponder the question of “how to escape from their reality?”. Chris McCandless asked this question and then continued on to escape his reality to the secluded wilderness. One may want to escape into the wilderness due to relationship struggles, struggles of everyday life, or just to be in the pure peace of the woods.
Relationships are built up over a lifetime, and struggles are experienced throughout the making of these relationships. Parental relationships are important to have in a child’s life, but those relationships cannot be built up if there is an absence
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She had to grow up with the struggle of trying to be a mom figure for her younger sister while her mom was away, but also try to fill her own parental figures in life (Collins). There can…show more content…
One’s daily life does not run smoothly all of the time. Life is always hitting with the challenges of work, friends, family, money, and time. In The Hunger Games, Katniss is living in District 12 which is full of daily struggle because it is the poorer district and it has a hard time getting enough resources for its people. Katniss is always turning to the wild in order to find time alone and peace, and also to find a sufficient amount of food for her family to survive (Collins). Although it is not legal for Katniss to go into the woods and hunt for her own food, the desperate times call for desperate measures to be taken. Aside from the daily routine of life, people also battle with the “standards” they are compared to, and feel the need to meet in order to fulfill their lives. Standards are a major struggle for teens, as seen in The Uglies. Tally Youngblood and her group of teenage friends grow up with the pressure of coming out of their ugly stage and finally becoming perfect. Society makes their lives seem pointless until they get the “life-changing” surgery to make them perfect. Being compared to standards is a big struggle in live because people feel they need to be perfect in order to feel importance. This tension of standards could cause one to feel neglected by society and try to run away, in order to escape. Tally tried to run away because she realized that the standards

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