Conventions Of Realism In Literature

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Realism in literature might be defined as an approach that attempts to describe life without idealization of romantic subjectivity. Even if there are no limits to anyone century or group of writers, it is frequently associated with the literary movement of 19th century France which attempts to depict its real society (The Columbia Encyclopedia ). The members of the movement tried to show a true reflection of a reality that arose as a response to the idealistic world of romanticism. Realism highlights not only the simplicity, the truth in depicting social environment, relationships, life and the characters, who are shaped by it but also the representation of reality which adheres to a loose collection of conventions. Other relevant characteristics of Realism are an emphasis on details, especially details of the landscape, nature, characters' emotions and behavior. Moreover, There quite often can be found an omniscient narrator, transparent language, verisimilitude, social critique in realistic works. (Shmoop Editorial Team).The realists describe conflicts and complications inherent in everyday life. Also, Realism deals with rationalism, compositional harmony, and a logical presentation.

The representation of the characters of realist works deserves special attention. First of all, one of the realists' main ideas was …show more content…

The voice of the matured Pip makes judgments about his past mistakes, while the older Pip tries to look at the past from comically and sympathetically perspective. This convention shows a sense of psychological depth, compassion, his feeling, and motivations. These narrative techniques helped Charles Dickens to make Great Expectations as an external novel ( about society ) and an internal novel (the development of Pip's

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